AMI 3D Services is known as a trusted, reliable resource to customers across a wide range of industries. With hands on experience in many of the industries that we serve, we understand the importance of accurate, timely data and direct access to quality support. We offer 3D computer modeling services, a variety of UAV mapping solutions, and technical advice from highly trained professionals. Projects of all types and sizes stand to benefit from our service offerings. Contact an AMI professional today to learn more.


Analyze a project from every angle. 3D modeling effectively enhances residential development, industrial construction, and highway planning and development projects. 3D models can reduce project costs by allowing teams to quickly and accurately evaluate alternatives, troubleshoot, and identify errors or omissions earlier in the design process. In addition, 3D models are increasingly being used to automate heavy equipment on active construction sites by supplying GPS systems with more accurate data, improving the quality of construction, creating safer in-field experiences, and lowering costs. Having spent many years in the construction industry, the professionals at AMI understand firsthand the value of a flexible, comprehensive data source.

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In today’s fast-paced environment, companies increasingly need access to intuitive, high-quality data and information. And, they need it now. AMI 3D Services specializes in using UAV technology, or drones, to provide aerial mapping solutions to customers across a variety of industries. From coastal monitoring, to residential and commercial development, to materials management, we offer support and solutions that are faster, more accurate, and more cost effective than traditional alternatives.

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