AMI 3D Services specializes in using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, to perform a range of mapping and inspection services. Although UAV technology is relatively new, an increasing variety of industries are already experiencing the benefits of using drones to supplement or replace traditional methods of data capture.


The AMI team offers support to land development project managers by using UAV technology to quickly and accurately capture the data and imagery needed to demonstrate a project’s potential. From creating othromosaic maps for the purposes of commercial site planning to capturing high-resolution footage of a new residential development for promotional material, AMI provides quality deliverables within 48-72 hours. Clients specify the location and level of detail required, and our professionals do the rest—using DoD-grade technology that allows for accuracy down to 1 to 3 cm.


UAV technology can enhance all aspects of project development. Whether a project requires extensive front-end planning, routine progress monitoring, or collecting data from areas that can be difficult to access, the professionals at AMI offer solutions that save time and money. We partner with engineering firms to create faster, safer, and more accurate solutions for day-to-day project challenges. From preliminary site surveys to as-builts, customers appreciate our straightforward approach and reliable, customized service.


AMI specializes in a variety of services that have proven to be invaluable to construction companies. From providing materials management support, to tracking progress on active jobsites, to developing 3D models to automate earth moving equipment, we help customers complete projects on time and within budget. Our solutions, which are faster, more precise, and more affordable than traditional alternatives, contribute to increased accuracy in project reporting, reduction in costly errors or discrepancies, and safer in-field experiences.


From leading larger and more complex civil infrastructure and environmental restoration projects to monitoring natural disasters to addressing matters of public safety, the demand for reliable, real-time information within the public sector is at an all-time high. Government agencies are constantly facing increased pressure to work faster and more efficiently while maintaining a high level of transparency. AMI offers solutions for quick and accurate data capture, arming decision makers and project managers with the high-quality information required to make high stakes decisions. AMI partners with companies across various industries. Contact an AMI professional today to learn how UAV technology can streamline your business activities.