AMI 3D Services is an emerging leader in the drone services industry. AMI specializes in using drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), to capture and transform aerial imagery and survey data into actionable information. With a combined 20 years of experience in construction and engineering, we understand the businesses and industries we serve, and we know how to make our services work for you. We believe customized solutions and tailored deliverables are the key to customer satisfaction.


We respect our customers, and we love what we do. Acting as a partner to your business, we are dedicated to using our knowledge and expertise to further your success. We promise to deliver useful products and actionable information tailored to your specific needs.


Satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to be a trusted advisor to every customer we serve. Our focus on the customer experience drives our approach to new business, and we believe our process sets the foundation for a successful partnership.

Initial Consultation
The purpose of this initial, high-level discussion is to ensure that AMI can deliver the best product or service to effectively address your needs. We do not believe in overselling the capabilities of UAV technology or the applications of UAV-derived products.

​In-Depth Needs Assessment
Once we have a basic understanding of the project, we work with you to determine what data you have, what additional data and information is needed, and how these assets will be used. We then develop customized solutions to meet the demands of your project.

We offer timely and direct access to project deliverables. Data types, file formatting requirements, and a preferred method of transfer are captured at the beginning of the project. You will receive accurate, ready-to-use deliverables in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

Above and Beyond Support
We value customer relationships and pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider. Over the course of your project, we will educate you on the process and the technology. We want each customer experience to be informative and empowering, so we work to accommodate all levels of participation. And, if you have any questions along the way, our experts will be readily available.​​​​​